Why are we over-stickering beer cans?

From 1 August 2023, packaged beer with more than 1.15% ABV must display a pregnancy warning on the label. 

When ordering our printed cans, there’s usually a very large minimum order quantity. This equates to over 2000 cases for a single product, which can take a while to use up.

The change to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code has meant that any cans we had created prior to this new standard can no longer be used. 

That’s left us with a lot of potential waste and for a small business like ours, the change also comes with a significant cost. 

Re-use is better than Recycle

While recycling does recover a large portion of the material used, it’s doesn’t recover the energy and other inputs used to create the initial product.

Rather than destroy thousands of un-used pre-printed cans, we’ve decided to re-purpose them for different products, with a new updated label sticker and of course, refreshing fresh beer. 

We think this is the most sustainably responsible solution to this problem, from both an environmental and financial point of view. 

Don’t judge a beer by its cover

A new label, stuck over a printed can.  It might look a little odd, but it’s helping keep the price of our product down and avoiding waste. We think that’s a solid win for us, you, and the environment.

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