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Support your local with local food delivery.


In order to meet the current regulations our Brewpub is closed to dining and drinking in. However our delivery food menu is now available with FREE DELIVERY direct from us to local post-codes within 5 km of our brewery. Including:

  • Wide range of our beers available with your food order.
  • Contact-less delivery for your and our teams piece of mind .
  • FREE Delivery to local post-codes: 3193, 3192, 3194, 3190, 3189, 3188, 3191.
  • Minimum order of $20.00.


Open Hours:

 Monday - Thursday 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Friday - Saturday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sunday  12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Delivery also available via UberEats and MenuLog.

BBQ Sandwiches

Baby Peep Sandwich
Pulled chicken, slaw and pickles on a milk bun.
Piggy Smalls Sandwich
Pulled Pork, slaw and pickles on a milk bun.
HeiHei Chicken Sandwich
Pulled chicken, grilled pineapple and pickled onion on a milk bun.
Korean War Hog Sandwich
Pulled pork, kimchi, slaw and Sriracha on a milk bun.
Texas brisket, slaw & pickles on a milk bun.
Pig Diddy Sandwich
BBQ sauce glazed boneless pork rib, onion strings, mustard and pickles on a milk bun.
Hogzilla Sandwich
Pulled pork, crispy bacon, slaw, onion strings and pickles on a milk bun.
Belly Bomb Sandwich
Cow and chicken, jalapenos, double cheese and mustard on a milk bun.
Notorious P.I.G Sandwich
Boneless pork rib, streaky bacon, pulled pork, mustard, onion strings, pickles and BBQ sauce on a milk bun.

Vegan Meals

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich
Tangy BBQ jackfruit w/ slaw, pickles & house bbq sauce.
Southwestern Fried "Chicken" Burger
Crispy fried "Gardein" chicken pattie, lettuce, pickles & chipotle mayo.
Beyond Beef Cheese Burger
A smashed and grilled Beyond Beef patty with cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickles, relish and mustard on a Vegan bun.

"Chicken" Cobb Salad
American classic chopped salad w/ "Gardein" chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo & crumbled smoked tofu.



Cobb Salad
American classic chopped salad w/ boiled egg, guacamole, pico de gallo, blue cheese & bacon.


Jalapeno Poppers
With ranch dressing. 5 Pieces.


Funky Fries
Crispy curly fries smothered in beer infused cheese sauce, topped w/ pico de gallo, jalapenos & bacon crumb.


12 buffalo wings with franks buffalo sauce & a side of ranch dressing.



Cabbage and carrot slaw with carolina vinegar dressing.
Curly Fries
Curly cut fries with special seasoning.
Corn Bread
2 Pieces


Beer & Bacon Mac 'n' cheese
Macaroni w/ beer infused cheese sauce & bacon crumb


Gluten Free Bun $1.50
Guacamole $3.00
Pickles $3.00


Ranch $2.00
Chipotle Mayonnaise $2.00
Blue Cheese Dressing $2.00

Selections of Soft drinks are available, as well as our full selection of in-stock beers.

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