Cheers to 100 Mitey Years! BAD SHEPHERD excitingly announces partnership with VEGEMITE to celebrate their centenary year.

We’re thrilled to announce that Bad Shepherd are officially getting involved in VEGEMITE’S 100th Birthday celebrations as the iconic Aussie spread continues to play an important role in the lives of Australians.

VEGEMITE’s story began when Fred Walker hired a young chemist to develop a spread from left-over brewer’s yeast. After months of laboratory tests, Dr. Cyril P Callister, developed what the nation has come to know and love as VEGEMITE.

There aren’t many Aussie products or brands that have been embraced in the same style, or with the same amount of love, as the VEGEMITE brand has been. It’s loved by children, teenagers and adults. It’s carried in the suitcases and backpacks of Australian travellers, as a small reminder, and a small taste, of home.

To celebrate this historic milestone, Bad Shepherd have partnered with VEGEMITE to launch a Mitey Menu that will be available until 1 February 2024 at our restaurant.  The menu will feature four specialty dishes that showcase the versality of VEGEMITE, combining our passion for mouth-watering American BBQ with the distinguished flavour that Tastes like Australia.

In May we’re kicking things off with a MITEY event, complete with a VEGEMITE inspired BBQ menu, live music, face painting, games and prizes. Our four hero VEGEMITE dishes will then be available for punters on an ongoing basis until 1 February 2024.

“Our slow cooked, decadent BBQ is a perfect pairing for VEGEMITE’s salty and umami flavours. It’s well known as a MITEY secret ingredient for home cooked recipes and we’re taking it to the next level by incorporating it in our tasty dishes. It was exciting to come up with recipes that take advantage of VEGEMITE’s unique taste, with flavours being truly balanced, so they can be enjoyed year round.” - Head Chef Kyle Downward

A Mitey Menu

A Mitey Menu – Available until 1 February 2024


VEGEMITE rubbed Brisket

Our slow smoked brisket has long been a hero dish at the Brewpub. Now we get to pair it with another Aussie hero…a unique dry rub mix of a dehydrated VEGEMITE powder, salt and cracked pepper, with a Squeezy VEGEMITE binder. Salty, umami, fatty…mouth-watering!

VEGEMITE and Cheddar Cheese Sausages

You can’t get a much better pairing than VEGEMITE and cheese. So, it was only fitting to incorporate VEGEMITE and a sharp cheddar cheese in our smoky, juicy and flavourful sausages.

Fried Chicken Wings w/ VEGEMITE BBQ Sauce

Our popular house wings are being elevated that bit more with a VEGEMITE infused BBQ sauce coating. Salty, savoury, and a little sweet, you won’t want to miss these.

VEGEMITE Cheesecake

Our Head Chef really swung for the fences on this one. How to incorporate the beloved and distinctly savoury VEGEMITE into a dessert?! The answer: a spin-on a tried and true sweet & salty dessert. A creamy VEGEMITE Cheesecake with a crumbly salted cracker base.  The result, a creamy and decadent dessert reminiscent of salted caramel.

 Launch Event Exclusive Menu Items

Glazed Chicken Lollipops
Chicken drumsticks brined and then hung in the smoker, dipped in a Sweet VEGEMITE Glaze and finished on the grill.
Smoked Mash Potato w/ VEGEMITE Gravy
Slow sous vide Potatoes held in salted water at 82c for 2 hours, then smoked to impart flavour, mashed down with cream and butter and finished with a roux-based VEGEMITE Gravy.

The MITEY news doesn’t stop here though, our Mitey Menu will also feature at our dedicated food stalls throughout the year, including the popular South East Beer Festival and the GABS Beer & Cider Festival in May.

Join Bad Shepherd and VEGEMITE at the launch event on Saturday 13th May as we say cheers to 100 Years.

VEGEMITE and the VEGEMITE device are trade marks of Bega Cheese Limited, used under licence.

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