We like pink buns and we cannot lie

This October, we're getting on board with Brasserie Bread's #pinkbuns4cancer campaign to help raise money for Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Our mates over at Brasserie Bread have switched up their normal buns for awesome bright pink ones. They cleverly use natural raspberry powder to colour them, which doesn't change their taste but does make the buns hot pink inside and out!  

All this month, every time you order one of our BBQ Sandwiches we'll pop it in a bright pink milk bun and donate $1 to ACRF. 

Order on MrYum here >

Our Pink BBQ Sandwiches: 

  • Piggy DiddyBBQ sauce glazed boneless pork rib, onion strings, mustard, pickles
  • Korean War HogPulled pork, kimchi, slaw & sriracha
  • Piggy Smalls - Pulled pork, slaw & pickles
  • Cowbelle - Texas brisket, slaw & pickles
  • HogzillaPulled pork, crispy bacon, slaw, onion strings & pickles
  • Notorious P.I.GA whopping half kilo of smoked pork! Boneless pork rib, pulled pork, crispy bacon, mustard, pickles, onion strings & house bbq sauce

Pick one up for takeaway from the Brew Pub or get them delivered from MrYum or UberEats.

Want to donate more to this great cause? Head over to our fundraising page here. Thanks for your support! 

*Pink buns are milk buns so won't be served with our vegan burgers. 
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