The Return of The Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stouts

Our story began last winter when we brewed an intensely rich, velvety Russian Imperial Stout with roast coffee and chocolate malt flavours, a caramel sweetness and impressions of dried fruit and plum. We called it Alkonost after the Russian mythic creature whose cry makes you forget everything and desire nothing else.

But we resisted its call and divided it into six different barrels, creating a collection of seductive brews that took on the unique characteristics from their distinctive barrels. We named them Rusalka, Bukavac, Vukodlak, Kikimora, Psoglav and Todorat. Keep reading to find out why... 

RUSALKA - Aged in a Shiraz Barrel from Tellurian Wines

A beautiful, eternally young river fairy with flowing green hair, the Rusalka uses her beauty to seduce men to the water to drown them. The Tellurian oak barrel gives this brew earthy, rich, complex shiraz notes with hints of vanilla, creating a beer so seductive, you may want to drown in it too.

BUKAVAC - Aged in a Starward Whiskey Oak Barrel

The slimy skinned six-legged Bukavac, with its large curved horns and long tail, drowns anyone who approaches its watery lair at night. But with the Starward Whiskey barrel imparting its smoky, oaky, and slightly spicy notes, this is one smooth body of liquid you can approach with confidence.

VUKODLAK - Aged in a Port Barrel from Buller Wine

With its werewolf origins, each night the Vukodlak shifts into a half-wolf creature. Like the Vukodlak, this beer has transformed with the sweet raisin tones imparted by the Buller Wine port barrels, to create a moreish, almost dessert-like beer that will have you howling for more.

KIKIMORA - Aged in a French Merlot Oak Barrel

The Kikimora haunts the darkest depths of your home. In the same spirit, we’ve gone to the darkest depths of Meatmaiden’s smoker to pull red gum wood for this barrel. With smoked wood and cherries, this deliciously rich and smoky beer will haunt you well after you’ve emptied your glass.

PSOGLAV - Aged in a Bourbon Barrel from Jimmy Rum

With the hind legs of a horse, a human torso, and dog's head, the Psoglav shuns the light, living its life in dark caves hoarding treasure. The Psoglav’s most cherished dark treasure would undoubtedly be this big, luscious, boozy brew, with its charred oak and vanilla bourbon notes.

TODORAT - Aged in a French Oak Barrel

The darkest and most powerful demon in Russian mythology, the Todorat is one fiery creature, depicted as a half-human, half-horse. Similarly, we’ve aged this brew with poblano chillies along with a late addition of habanero chillies for a touch of heat to recreate the Todorat’s dark, fiery powers.

Each of these legendary vintage brews comes in at 9% ALC/VOL with 75 IBUs making our 750mL bottles 5.3 standard drinks. Ideal for sharing on a wintry night whilst sharing folklore around an open fire (but also great for enjoying during lockdown in front of the TV!).
A limited number of bottles are available to buy either individually for $39 or as a set of six for $200 from the Online Shop only.   
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