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Our Milkshake IPA brings all the boys to bar

Or, more accurately, to the online beer shop where you can get your hands on our limited edition retro-inspired 440mL cans of Strawberry Milkshake IPA.  

Bursting with juicy strawberries, our Milkshake IPA has punchy, fruity and vibrant hop aromas from Huell Melon and Citra hops. With a full body and thick, creamy mouthfeel it's no surprise that this brew has got beer-lovers excited enough to jump up and start singing...

Our milkshake brings
all the boys to the bar,
And they’re like,
It’s strawberry with hop,
Damn right, it’s a hazy drop,
It will quench you,
Fruit aroma is large.

With an extremely limited number of cans available, you can pre-order a case of 16 on our online store now, or swing by the brewpub on Wednesday from 5pm to pick up a 4-pack or single can. Better be quick though 'cos damn right, it's strawberry with hop! 

Strawberry Milkshake IPA 440mL

440mL can | 6% ALC/VOL | IBU 25 | 2.1 Standard drinks 

Pre-order here

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