Low & No alcohol beers are here!

Our FIRST EVER non-alcoholic beer has arrived! With a less than 0.5% ABV, you know you'll be able to enjoy this twist on a refreshing favourite Passionfruit Sour, without any hangover risk!

We're excited to continue to produce sessionable, low, and non-alcoholic beers, like our Tiny IPA, Citrus Radler, and recent It gives more people, more options when they want a tasty brew!
Back when they opened their brewpub back in 2015, the 2.9 percent ABV Tiny IPA was part of their core range and it's remained there to this day, while more recently they've released plenty of lower ABV sours, including Citrus Radler at the start of 2022. But now in March, they've released their first truly alcohol-free beer that sits below 0.5 percent ABV and they’ve done so by adapting one of their best-loved sours, Passionfruit Sour
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