💝 Karma Keg donation spreads the love at Sandringham Hospital! 💝

Last year we hosted a Karma Keg to raise funds for Sandringham Hospital to support their new Staff Wellbeing Committee which coordinates wellbeing activities on-site for our health care workers.
Initially the funds were going to be used on coffee vouchers for staff however the committee decided to spread the love today in a more impactful way. We’re pleased to report that this morning chocolates (which were funded by the karma keg donation) were distributed to the emergency department and all the wards. This gesture enabled more staff to benefit, including night shift staff as the cafeteria isn’t open after hours.
There were lots of squeals of delight and the staff were incredibly grateful for the chocolates. This small gesture of thanks has made a big impact today!
If you have a worthy cause or charity you’d like to support, please drop us an email at info@badshepherd.com.au to discuss how we can work together to raise funds via a karma keg.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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