SOUTH EAST BEER is nearly here! Saturday 15th May we'll be joined by 10 local breweries with over 80 beers. Get your tickets now!

Good Beer Week: Brewing Bad

 Brewing Bad takes 12 mild-mannered civilians (from beer aficionados to high-school science teachers) and dumps them headfirst into the seedy underbelly of the world of brewing. 

You'll join our brew crew and get hands-on in every part of the process from conception and brewing to design and packaging. Work as a team with our brewers to brainstorm the style, flavour notes and ingredients of our collective beer and work side-by-side with our brewers to create your brew!

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Included in the experience:

  • Brew conception: work as a team with our brewers to brainstorm the style, flavour notes and ingredients of our collective beer.

  • Guided brewing: get involved! You'll be there side-by-side with our brewers creating your beer.

  • Label and name workshop: branding is important. Workshop as a team to find the perfect name and theme that our expert designer will use for the finished label.

  • Remember my name: forget having your name up in lights, it's all about your name being printed on the can.

  • Lunch: a tasty BBQ feed (awesome vege and vegan options too).

  • Bad Shepherd T-shirt: you've got to look the part to be part of the crew.

  • Entry to South East Beer Fest: join the party going on outside with your new brew crew.

  • A slab of final beer: after a couple of weeks in tank, your beer will be ready so come back to meet it and pick up your slab.

Brewing Bad will finish at approximately 2 pm and your ticket grants you entry to South East Beer at the same venue, which runs from 12 pm-8 pm. 

Book now so you don't miss out on this incredibly limited experience.

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