We change our menu regularly, but you’ll always find smoked meat delicacies and good ol’ fashioned comfort food.


Available from 5.30pm on weekdays and all weekend.

Canadian Pig Candy (Pork Ribs) / 19 (gf)

Apple wood smoked pork ribs, house-made maple BBQ glaze.

Pulled Pork / 16 (gf)

Cooked low and slow, smoked with apple wood.

Texas Beef Brisket / 17 (gf)

10 hours smoked brisket, seasoned with our own spicy pepper Texas beef rub.

Buffalo Wings / 14 (gf)

8pcs fried chicken wings in Frank’s hot sauce (spicy) with house-made Ranch style dipping sauce.

BBQ Platter / 53 (perfect for two)

Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, plus your choice of two sides:
Jalapeno poppers; cabbage slaw; BBQ corn salsa; sweet potato mash; mac n’ cheese.

BBQ sandwiches

Served on a soft brioche bun.^ Available from 5.30pm on weekdays and all weekend.

Pulled Pork / 12

Smoked pulled pork with creamy dill cabbage slaw and jalapenos.

Texas Brisket / 12

Sliced Texas brisket with BBQ sauce, creamy dill cabbage slaw and pickles.

Smoked Mushroom / 12 (vg*)

Smoked mushroom with BBQ sauce and creamy dill cabbage slaw.

Kids meal

12 years or below. Served with fries.

Pulled Pork Slider / 10

Fried chicken wings / 10 (4pcs)



Mac n’ cheese / 5 (v)

Sweet potato mash / 5 (v)

With bourbon, maple syrup and pecan crisp.

Cabbage slaw / 4 (gf, v, vg*)

BBQ corn and tomato salsa / 5 (gf, vg)

Jalapeno poppers / 4 (v)

Fries (gf, v)

Side serve / 4
Basket of fries / 8

House-made Ranch Sauce / 2

Shepherd’s Salad / 7 (gf, vg)

Rocket, smoked tomato, fennel, herbs, lime vinaigrette.

Lunch sandwiches

Available Wed – Fri, from 12pm – 4.00pm.

Reuben / 12

House smoked brisket, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye bread.

Cubanos / 12

Smoked pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickle, mojo sauce on a toasted ciabatta.

Croque Monsieur / 10

Classic French grilled cheese with ham, Swiss cheese, dijon, béchamel, brioche bread.

Smoked Mushroom / 12 (vg, v*)

Smoked mushroom with BBQ sauce & slaw, served on a brioche bun.

(vg) vegan
(vg*) vegan on request
(v) vegetarian
(gf) no gluten containing ingredients

^Gluten free and vegan buns $1.50