Core range

Reserve Rd Draught Can

Reserve Rd Draught

A very refreshing and approachable clean Czech Bohemian style Pilsner.

ABV 4.4% \ IBU 25 \ Colour 6 EBC \ Malt German Pilsner, Carapils \ Hops Saaz, Magnum, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, Crystal

Victoria Pale Ale Can

Victoria Pale Ale

A crisp, easy drinking session pale ale with tropical aromas. Brewed with all Victorian ingredients including an historic Melbourne yeast last used in 1936.

ABV 4.2% \ IBU 25

Hazy IPA Can

Hazy IPA

Malt takes a backseat in this IPA with juicy and citrusy hop aromas and flavours of orange with a hint of passionfruit. Hazy and golden in appearance with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and a moderate bitterness.

ABV 6.0% \ IBU 25

Oatmeal Stout can

Oatmeal Stout

Brewed with toasted oats, this stout is deliciously chocolatey and nutty with a full-bodied creamy mouthfeel and firm roasty finish. A light carbonation reminiscent of a traditional English Stout accentuates strong notes of caramel and nut on the palate.

ABV 5.1% \ IBU 32

Passionfruit Sour can

Passionfruit Sour

Loads of lovingly hand-poured passionfruit pulp goes into the fermenter to make this beer. The result is a highly quaffable kettle soured ale with a mouth-puckering tartness and a juicy tropical passionfruit aroma.

ABV 4.0% \ IBU 8.5

Hazelnut Brown Can

Hazelnut Brown

A toasty and malty ale loaded with the rich nuttiness of roasted hazelnuts. Brewed with real hazelnuts, hazelnut extract, vanilla extract and a splash of Frangelico. Smooth and nutty with a dry clean finish.

ABV 5.6% \ IBU 29 \ Colour 42 EBC \ Malt Maris Otter, Light Crystal, Dark Crystal, Special Roast, Pale Chocolate \ Hops Warrior, East Kent Goldings

Limited & Seasonal Range

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Brown

Double Choc Hazelnut Brown

To commemorate our birthday we spawned a new ‘Hazelnut Brown’ that’s ridiculously good. We’ve made it rich in chocolate with the addition of real cocoa, amped up the creaminess and dialled up the strength.

ABV 7.2% \ IBU 31 \ Colour 67 EBC \ Malt Maris Otter, Special Roast, Medium Crystal, Dark Crystal, Pale Chocolate, Dark Chocolate \ Hops Warrior (US)

Almighty Imperial IPA

Almighty Imperial IPA

Get ready to be struck by the almighty hop aroma of this limited edition Imperial IPA. With a hop profile that reads like a who’s who of intense American hops and a bitterness akin to a religious experience, it’s powerfully devine.

ABV 9.2% \ IBU 100 \ Colour 12 EBC \ Malt Marris Otter, Pilsner, Wheat, Amber \ Hops Warrior (US), Simcoe (US), Chinook (US), Columbus (US), Centennial (US), Mosaic (US),
Citra (US), Crystal (US)

South Island Sour IPA

South Island Sour IPA

Our Sour Session IPA features three bold, citrusy and tropical NZ hop varieties: Riwaka, Motueka and Taiheke. Kettle-soured but balanced with the sweetness of malt and lactose, it’s truly sessionable with a rounded creamy mouthfeel and summery hints of passionfruit and grapefruit.

ABV 4.6% \ IBU 10 \ Colour 9 EBC \ Hops Riwaka (NZ), Motueka (NZ), Taiheke (NZ)

American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

A big bold hoppy take on the classic American Pale Ale. Packed with American and Australian hops including Cascade, Columbus, Galaxy, Mosaic and Crystal, and supported by a firm malt backbone. Finishes clean with a firm bitterness. A mouth-watering aroma blend of passionfruit, orange and pine!

ABV 5.2% \ IBU 37 \ Colour 10 EBC \ Malt Pale Ale, Munich, Wheat, Light Crystal \ Hops Horizon, Cascade, Columbus, Galaxy, Mosaic, Crystal

Tiny IPA

Tiny IPA

We believe that low ABV beers don’t need to be low on flavor. This is a beer you can sit on all day. Stonefruit aromas are abundant from the all Australian hops but it’s backed up by a firm maltiness that lingers through a lightly bitter dry finish. It’s an easy drinking smashable beer that’s perfect to enjoy after a hard day’s work.

ABV 3.5% \ IBU 30 \ Colour 15 EBC \ Malt Maris Otter, Medium Crystal, Gladiator, Wheat, Munich \ Hops Galaxy, Ella, Summer

California Lager

California Lager

Our take on the California gold rush Steam Beer. Brewed with the pale ale malt and Cluster hops used in the 19th century, combined with woody Northern Brewer hops. We then round it out with the ever reliable Cascade and the Australian Ella hops to create a piny, woody and grapefruity aroma backed up by light fruity esters and a light malt body. Finishes slightly bitter but crisp and dry.

ABV 4.7% \ IBU 34 \ Colour 12 EBC \ Malt Pale Ale, Munich, Crystal \ Hops Northern Brewer, Cluster, Cascade, Ella

New World IPA

New World IPA

We’ve packed this brew with exciting new hops from emerging hop regions like Australia, New Zealand and France to produce a West Coast style IPA. With a tempting tropical aroma, this bold IPA is big on hoppiness and even bigger on bitterness.

ABV 6.8% \ IBU 74 \ Colour 9 EBC \ Malt Golden Promise, Carapils \ Hops Vic Secret (AUS), Ella(AUS), Moutere(NZ), Simcoe(US), Columbus(US), Barbe Rouge (FRA)

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Raspberry Wheat Ale

An American Wheat Ale loaded with 150kg of fresh raspberry puree added during fermentation with no residual sugar. The result is a crisp easy drinking ale that’s perfect for a hot Aussie summer!

ABV 4.6% \ IBU 16 \ Colour 42 EBC \ Malt Pale Ale, Wheat, Medium Crystal \ Hops Warrior (US)

Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout

A big roasty dark stout with fruity esters and a velvety texture. Finishes with a firm bitterness

ABV 10.1% \ IBU 72 \ Colour 106 EBC \ Malt Pale Ale, Dark Crystal, Pale Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Flaked Oats, Carafa Special III \ Hops Warrior (US), Willamette (US)

Past Brews

Sour Dark Saison Beer Can

Sour Dark Saison

A Sour Dark Saison that’s light in body, with aromas of banana, milk chocolate and cocoa balanced by a subtle hop spiciness and firm tart finish.

ABV 6.2% \ IBU 17 \ Colour 63.4 EBC \ Malt Besmalz Pilsner, Bestmalz Vienna, Roasted Wheat, Gladfield Wheat, Simpsons Double Roasted Crystal \ Hops Saaz, Warrior

Citrus & Cedar IPA Beer Can

Citrus & Cedar IPA

This IPA showcases hops. With the addition of citrus peel and aged on cedar, aromas of cedar, pine, sweet apricot and fresh orange peel are complimented with a firm bitterness. Light bodied, moderate carbonation with a crisp dry finish.

ABV 6.5% \ IBU 60 \ Colour 11.6 EBC \ Malt Bestmalz Carapils, Bestmalz Vienna, Breiss, Gladfield Ale \ Hops Cascade, Chinook, Denali, Eureka \ Hop Oil, Cedar, Citrus Peel

Pineapple Sour Ale Can

Pineapple Sour Ale

Aromas of pineapple, lychee and sauvignon blanc. A clean lactic sourness on the palate finishing dry and tart.

ABV 4% \ IBU 8 \ Colour 5.3 EBC \ Malt Besmalz Pilsner, Simpsons Golden Promise, Galdfield Wheat, Flaked Oats \ Hops Hallertauer Blanc, Nelson Sauvin

Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal Stout

Brewed with 75kg of flaked oats toasted in our brewpub kitchen to showcase a nutty oat profile, this stout is deliciously chocolatey and nutty with a full bodied creamy mouthfeel and firm roasty finish. A moderately low carbonation reminiscent of a traditional English Stout accentuates strong notes of caramel and nut on the palate.

ABV 5.5% \ IBU 32 \ Colour 55 EBC \ Malt Pale Ale, Light Crystal, Victory, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Toasted Flaked Oats \ Hops Warrior

Choc Banana Split

ESB by Dan (The Barman)

It’s an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) made by Dan (the barman) and a beer that captures the essence of the man himself. Some sweetness (from the malt), a touch fruity (from the yeast esters) but mostly dry and bitter. To be any more like Dan this ESB would need to have tattoos and stay away from social media.

ABV 4.9% \ IBU 34 \ Colour 20 EBC \ Malt Pilsner, Wheat, Munich \ Hops Warrior (US), East Kent Goldings (UK), Willamette (US)

Brew Crew SMaSH IPA

Brew Crew SMaSH IPA

Created by Scotty (our sales guy) as part of our Brew Crew Series, this Single Malt, and Single Hop (SMaSH) beer uses Voyager’s cult favourite Schooner malt and the juicy Galaxy hop. This well-rounded beer is juicy and clean on the palate.

ABV 6.0% \ IBU 41 \ Colour 11 EBC \ Malt Schooner (by Voyageur Malting) \ Hops Galaxy (AUS)

Brew Crew Bigsi’s Baltic Porter

Brew Crew Bigsi’s Baltic Porter

The third in our Brew Crew range, this Baltic Porter was led by our Marketer Bigsi. It’s a big smooth porter with liquorice throughout. Brewed with star anise, liquorice root and Sambuca!

ABV 8.1% \ IBU 38 \ Colour 60 EBC \ Malt Pilsner, Munich, Special Roast, Dark Crystal, Pale Chocolate, Carafa Special III \ Hops Magnum (Ger), Saaz (Cze)